Our People
Senior Management
UPH believes that our people are our valuable assets. That is why we constantly aim for the highest level of human resource quality. UPH took great concern in recruiting and developing our human resources, as well as managing to place the right person in the right position.
We took great care in this issue since we realize the importance of the human resource factor in conducting world-class education. We are fully aware that educators or lecturers are the key factor in improving students' interest towards a subject.
Our lecturers are skilled professionals, who have high concern in the educational field. They held masters or doctoral degrees from reputable national and international universities.
 president raymond liu   Raymond Liu, PhD - Rector
320140001 arifin   Arifin, SE, MM, MBA, CBV, CMA, FAFMA - Executive Director, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dean of Business School
320140008 cindy  
Cindy Djuang, BA - Head of Administration, Acting Vice President for Administration and Finance
320150076 rev sonny   Rev. Sonny E. Cornelius, BD, MMin, MTh - Senior Manager of Spiritual Growth, Acting Vice President for Student Development
alum   Dr. Alum P. Simbolon, SH, MHum - Dean of Faculty of Law
okky   Okky P. Barus, SKom, MM, CITSM, CIPMP - Dean of School of Information Science & Technology
lila   Lila M. Kaban, BA (Hons), MCom, CBV, FAFMA - Department Chair of Management
efin   Efin Shu, BBus - Associate Department Chair of Hospitality Management
Yenni Martok, BA (Hons), SE, MM, MBA - Department Chair of Accounting