Business School

The world is ever changing. Companies are becoming more interconnected. Businesses are evolving. To create value, business leaders must have a well-rounded understanding of the opportunities and challenges they face.


Universitas Pelita Harapan Medan prepares students with cross border training to think with a global collaborative perspective. As entrepreneurs have been responsible for the innovations coming to market, UPH Medan promotes entrepreneur spirit.


Tomorrow’s globally minded leaders must be able to create diverse environments that foster innovation, develop new businesses, and new areas of growth within large global corporations. These leaders will thrive by being proactive and responsive to market opportunities as they arise. With constantly evolving curricula, students are prepared to face challenges and solve current problems in a global business environment.

Students must have a firm grasp of business fundamentals if they wish to be successful in their professional careers and/ or continue with post-graduate education. The undergraduate business programs at UPH Medan provide students with a strong foundation in the broad functional areas of business that will help them get jobs upon graduation. These programs are intended to equip graduates with either management or accounting skills needed to enter the work force as professionals and deal ethically and effectively with the myriad of complex problems that arise in business.
Students will receive an education that will transform them into business leaders and entrepreneurs that will lead Indonesian and multinational businesses through the challenges of the fast-changing world economy. In addition, a bachelor’s degree (SE) from UPH Medan prepares students for post-graduate study in business and other disciplines.

The Management Study Program offers courses that provide students with rich knowledge of marketing, business, human resource management, entrepreneurship and finance

The management degree conferred by UPH Medan provides students with a choice of six specializations:
• Entrepreneurship and Family Business
• Marketing
• International Business
• Retail Management
• Human Resource Management
• Finance

The Accounting Study Program offers courses that provide the students with a solid knowledge of accounting, auditing, taxation and finance.

The accounting degree conferred by UPH Medan provides students with a choice of six specializations:
• Tax Accounting
• Auditing
• Managerial Accounting
• Financial Accounting
• Accounting Information System
• International Accounting


The programs have been designed to give the student an edge over their peers as they will be job ready and an asset to any employer (or in their family business), by being able to contribute immediately to the growth of their organization!
Compulsory modules – Students will have a strong foundation and understanding of all the business and accounting functions through the compulsory module, before they proceed to the specialization modules in the second year.
English – Students don’t have to be worry that they may not be able to cope with a 100% English program. Students will have English proficiency courses that gear them to higher and higher levels of proficiency in reading, speaking, listening and writing, with ample opportunities to practice what they have learnt.
Soft skills – Students will be provided with communication and presentation skills training and practice in the program enabling them to confidently communicate and present their ideas in the workplace, and be an effective team leader.
Faculty – UPH Medan's qualified instructors will engage students in classes utilizing a variety of teaching methods. As opposed to programs that provide just theory in classes, there will be case studies, group discussions, activities, site visits, national and international guest speakers, etc – all designed to provide the students with the latest in their field of specialization.
Overseas Exposure – Excited to explore other countries? Students are given a chance to go on a Business Study Mission overseas to learn the intricacies of doing business there.
Full English Program – English is an international language for business. Unlike other institutes which require the students to achieve a certain level of English proficiency on admission, UPH Medan will train the students over the trimesters as they progress in their studies.
Job Readiness - Students will be job ready by the time they graduate. Aside from learning from their instructors on the latest business practices, they will undergo an industrial assignment for one trimester and have a chance to work in a company. They will also work on an applied research project that solves real business problems.
Serving society - UPH believe that just as they have benefited from the work of many others, giving back to society through community service is an essential part of the program.
Students are required to complete 144 sks of modules :
- Core modules 8 sks
- Essential skills 2 sks
- English 21 sks
- Compulsory 67 sks
- Functional specialization 36 sks
During term 1 of year 3, students are allowed to take up to 8 sks of substitutable/free electives from a basket of pre-selected electives available in Singapore.