Campus Life

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Beside the academic activities, UPH also gives opportunity to all students to develop themselves through various campuses organizational activities.

The aims of activities are:


  1. To train students in their ability of establishing relationship and socializations with other people.
  2. To train their organizational abilities, including leadership ability, cooperation, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, responsibility, discipline and administration.
  3. To develop students creativity in organizing every event, including fun gathering, publication, documentation, creativity even, etc.
  4. To establish and develop students’ self-esteem and courage to perform, to give opinions and creative ideas.
  5. To explore other potentials of the students besides the academic ones.
  6. To develop students’ knowledge and cooperation relationships with other foundations/organizations/institutions outside UPH Medan Campus
To provide opportunities for students in developing their potentials and achievements in every science competitions inside and outside UPH Medan Campus