UPH Medan Campus - Mentoring Program
The Mentoring Program is provided for all new students at the beginning of each academic year. The purpose is to make new student not only feel at home at UPH Medan Campus, but to assist in development of a positive attitude, character, maturity and leadership that will assisting in their learning experience at UPH Medan Campus. The implementation of the mentoring program is carried out by staff, lecturers, and student mentors. The success of the program is because of the individual student mentor – a returning student recruited and selected according to their on their active participation at UPH Medan Campus in previous academic years. Mentors are matched with new students according to academic subject or major. They are carefully trained for their responsibilities which are described as follows:
  • to coach and assist new students in finding and developing their academic as well as non-academic potential;
  • to coach new students in developing their attitude, character and personality;
  • to provide mentoring in any study or academic difficulties;
  • to assist and direct students in channeling and developing their potential through student organizational activities;
  • to assist in the achievement of the UPH Medan Campus vision and mission to produce graduates who are qualified, mature, fear God and are ready to dedicate themselves to society.
  • to actively encourage students to follow the activities of academic support for self-fulfillment portfolio.